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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hairy Sprouts

Fight like a Girl!! I'm still doing just that, just in a new way now. My sister, Heidi, gave me this inspirational shirt last year. She's a member of the executive committee for BancorpSouth's Relay for Life team.  Every woman in my family has one, and we all wear it proudly. It's meant a lot to us this past year. I'll share a picture of one of this year's shirts in another post. Stay tuned, it's really really cute!

The front of the Fight Like a Girl shirt. From left to right, my Mom, my sister Sally, my sister Heidi and me. There's a funny glare on one of my front teeth, I assure you that it's NOT a gold tooth. 

My head is sprouting new hair! Yesterday it seemed like there was a little growth happening, but I wasn't really sure until this morning. My hair has started to grow back! Whoohoooo!! This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's not all that visible yet. So far it's coming in dark brown, but don't tell my nieces. They tell me it's purple and then laugh like crazy. 


  1. Love the Fight Like a Girl pink shirts! And your gold tooth and purple hair! I do believe you are a superhero (I really do!). I also love your blog!

  2. AHHH...that is sooo exciting...sprouts...LOL!! It's another sign that all you've gone through is getting further and further behind you! So, COME ON SPROUTS...BRING YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU!!! (((HUGS))) ~Abba~