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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini-mohawk Days


My hair is growing back fast! Which is great, mostly. It's hard to find a decent 'do when my hair is barely long enough to comb in any direction. It is long enough, though, to benefit from towel drying after a shower. I think that's pretty cool. 

While I was towel drying my hair a few days ago it formed itself into a mini-mohawk. I don't remember ever wearing my hair in a mohawk, but I did used to tease it to make it big and then just about empty a bottle of hairspray on it. That was (gulp!) 20 years ago, though. Since then I've preferred to keep my hair free of sprays, gels and mousses. I like it long and curly and free. Honestly, I miss those long curly locks. I can only work with what I have right now, though. So, I've chosen to rock the mini 'hawk for as long as I can. I'm not sure that it really expresses who I am or projects the image I want to portray of myself, but for now I'm going to enjoy the style's fun sassy-ness. After all, it's just hair.

I promise to post a better pic of the m'hawk soon! 

P.S. Did you notice the celebration cashmere in the pic? I love wearing it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back Up to Speed

Remember me? Let me bring you up to speed, as Wayne from Wayne's World would say. My name is Connie. I've been in remission for 3 months. Awesome. I spent December celebrating remission, my 36th (*&%$#) birthday, and of course the holidays. There was a lot to celebrate after a long year of cancer treatments! Oh, and I was pretty sick at the end of month too. But you don't want to hear about that, trust me. It was awful, but I'm all better now.

I have wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium for the past 5ish years, but for various reasons it never worked out. My mom made my birthday month extra special this year by taking me to Atlanta to experience the Aquarium. It totally rocked. My mom totally rocks, too, by the way. This is the largest aquarium in the world and the only one that has whalesharks. Four of them, in fact. I could have sat there, mesmerized by them for days. Seeing these whalesharks was one of the most majestic experiences of my life. I took over 350 pictures, but I'll just share my favorites. You're welcome.


I celebrated my actual birthday with my mom, my sister Heidi and her 2 Peeps. We usually have cake, but this year in an attempt to save at least some calories I choose to have gourmet cupcakes. Mine was red velvet and was totally delicious. My other sister and her Peeps, who had moved to Texas just a couple weeks before my birthday, were greatly missed. 

We enhanced the celebration with some of our favorite wines and a special edition of Kalua. My favorite was the Root: 1 Carmenere!! To me it was rich, smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. My mom, sister and I really like the Chateau Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Select Harvest Riesling, too. 

The day after my birthday I had the great pleasure of going to Healing Planet's Spa night which is a fantastic ministry to women with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. I got an amazingly wonderful massage and chatted with some lovely ladies. Oh, and I sat on Santa's lap, too, which was really fun. Many thanks to Healing Planet!

I wrapped, shopped, decorated and prepared for the arrival of my Texas Peeps and Christmas. I, also, couldn't help but remember how I felt at that time the previous year. I still lived in south Florida then, but was happily home in Memphis for the holiday. I was waiting to hear from my oncologist if the tumor in my pelvic area was indeed cancerous. It made for a tense holiday for my whole family. I found out later that my doctor knew on Christmas Eve that I had cancer, but the nurse didn't want to ruin my holiday. I would have much rather preferred to know on Christmas Eve so I could process the news with my family. Of course, I can't do anything to change that now. Still, I think it was wrong of her to make that decision for me, but I think she had my best interest at heart. I am so thankful that Christmas 2010 found me and my family healthy!

The presents, joy and toddler chaos of our big family Christmas was enjoyed and appreciated by all. We are truly blessed, and thankful. My big present this year was a Wii, Wii Fit Plus and Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy!! Whoohooo!! Mom totally surprised everyone with this awesome gift. My sisters and brothers-in-law had fun learning to play Wii Sports and finding out (old!) Wii Fit ages. The whole Wii world is totally new to me, and it's been fun to explore and learn. It's a wonderful tool to improve my balance and yoga postures, and burn some calories playing fun games together as a family. I'm open to any Wii advice and tips!

I am filled with thankfulness to spend this holiday at home with the whole family. Onward into 2011 now...