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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 vs 2010

My life is dramatically-and wonderfully- different this Easter than last Easter.

Last Easter I was almost halfway through my external radiation treatments. 
This Easter I've been in remission for 7 months.

Last Easter I worked a 8 hour shift by myself in a beautiful resort on Marco Island, Florida.
This year I got to spend the holiday with Mom, one of my sisters and her Peeps. I missed my other sister and her Peeps very much.

Nana and 'Lily'
My sister Heidi and her daughter (aka 'my' Lily)  
The baby of the whole family
Last Easter I was dealing with a terrible allergy flare up in addition to the unpleasant side effects of radiation.
This Easter I have essential oils to relieve my allergies in a gentle and all natural way.

Last Easter weekend my sister Heidi cut off her long curly hair and donated it to Locks of Love in my honor. Today most people would never know I was bald a few short months ago.

Last Easter was my other sister's, Sally's, birthday. 
This year Easter is late. I still don't understand why.

Sally and 2 of her Peeps (I call them Georgie Boy and  Cupcake.)

Last Easter I was just beginning to read the Anti-Cancer Book
This Easter it's my new normal way of eating.

Last Easter I was dating a man, but it didn't work out. 
This Easter a man I've loved for a long time, and who is serving his country overseas, sent me flowers to celebrate Easter and my Remission. The note included this quote by Emily Bronte~ 
There is not room for Death, Nor atom that his might could render void: Thou - Thou art Being and Breath, And what Thou art may never be destroyed. 

Last Easter my body wasn't able to work out as hard as my mind wished.
This Easter I started Week 3 of Cathe Friedrich's Shocking Training System.

This is me pre-cancer #2, October 2009, on the back porch of my old Florida home.

I am thankful that I have so much to be thankful for this Easter. 2011 Easter wins, definitely.