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Journals from Dx - Surgery

January 4, 2010
I want you all to know about the biopsy results I got this afternoon from the oncologist's nurse over the phone. The cyst mass that's near my bladder (the mass that was biopsied) is indeed cancer. Initially, it's called gynecological cancer. Based on what the nurse could interpret from the pathology the cancer is contained to that mass, and isn't 'affecting' the colon, bladder or bone. I have an appointment with the oncologist this Thursday morning at 8:30 to find out what's happening and the variety of my treatment options. 
Although I'm in a bit of shock, a part of me "knew" that it would be cancer. It's a big complication to my life....it's not something I want to have to spend time (or money) on. But this is the hand that I've been dealt and I will stand to face it and will fight it as smartly and vehemently as I am able. 
Thank you for standing and fighting with me. Although I tend to shrink into my shell during times of stress and guilt, I really need your daily support and love- in whatever way you can give. I'm scared and confused, but I believe that I will be cured. I will continue with my self-Reiki, and will get Reiki treatments from my Reiki friends as often as I can. I know that God's love and healing energy can work in many different ways and I am open to all of them. 

January 7, 2010
What I have is recurrence of endometrial cancer, even though I don't have an 'endometrial' anymore. The cyst mass is where my uterus used to be, and it does contain cancer cells. The good news is that it's contained to the mass, but it's very very rare to see a recurrence with the original cancer I had (which was Stage IA uterine) so the oncologist wants to treat this very aggressively. I can handle an aggressive attack against the cancer since I am young, strong and healthy- that's exactly what the oncologist said. I have cancer, but I'm 'healthy'. How nuts is that!?!? lol I love it!!
First step on this aggressive attack is surgery to remove the mass on January 20. He's going to try to do it laproscopically (no big incision), and if he can then I'll just have to spend 1 night in the hospital. If the mass is harder to get at then he'll have to do an incision and I'll be in the hospital for up to 3 nights. When the post surgery pathology results come back then the oncologist and I will decide whether to do radiation therapy or chemotherapy. There *may be* something happening in my sacrum and lower lumber spine, and the oncologist will find out what's happening during the surgery. There is a lot we still don't know, and won't know until the surgery is done and we get the pathology results in, but we have a game plan. And the end result WILL be a win!! In the meanwhile, I'm clear to keep working out and I am very relieved!! I just finished previewing one of my new Cathe Friedrich workouts- Mixed Martial Arts: Boxing. Looks awesome...so awesome that I'm able to change my clothes and do it right now! I need the stress relief...though the pink cosmo I drank at lunch helped a bit too. 

February 23, 2010
Today has been a long day, but a pretty good one. My oncologist is very pleased with how well my incision is healing, and how well I'm moving around. I'm a good healer- but I know I've had lots of help via Reiki, prayers and love. Thank you, each of you, for playing a role in that part of the healing process!
The name of the cancer I'm dealing with is 'recurrent endometrial cancer'. It is indeed a recurrence of the original Stage 1A endometrial (uterine) cancer I had in 2008. It is extremely rare for that type of cancer to recur. In fact, my gyn oncologist said that he can count on 1 hand how many cases he knows of like mine in his 17 year experience. I knew I was special! ha! Due to the rarity of what I have there isn't a standard treatment process so the oncologist had a bunch of tests run (read: sent all over the country to specialists) to figure out the best course of action is for my treatment and ultimate cure. This is why it took so long to find out. 
So here's the plan~ 6 weeks of 5 day a week radiation treatments followed by a fresh CT scan. Depending on what the CT scan says I may need chemo, hormone therapy, both or nothing. The good news is that RT is not invasive and won't make me sick. The worst side effects are fatigue and 'the runs'. I can handle both of those pretty well! 
Also, sometime in the next couple of weeks I will have a CT scan guided biopsy of one of the bone lesions I have (also in my pelvic region) so we can figure out what they are and how to deal with them. There are many beign things that these 2 lesion could be, which I felt very relieved to hear today! And I will meet with a genetic risk services counselor, and hopefully, my insurance will cover the testing so that my sisters and Mom can have the benefit and power of information for their health.