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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grateful in this Village

My TX sister, aka Sally, has decided to stay another week with her Peeps! YaY!! I'm very thankful for the extra days to spend with all of them.

I'm also thankful that my sister and I have the special kind of relationship that allows for honesty. After the decision to stay was made I sat down with her and expressed how important it is to me to eat healthier/cleaner and have time to continue my Shock Training System rotation this week. She was wonderfully understanding and supportive, and it meant the world to me! We've written out a family schedule and plan for the week including my workout times. I love being organized, planning for fun and striving for balance! It's a family thing. ;)

I felt deeply loved this morning when I came downstairs and the Peeps ran in from outside and gleefully smothered me hugs and kisses. I realized in those bright moments that my latest cancerversary funk has lifted. These Peeps are sure good for my soul...

That schedule worked beautifully today! I did STS's Disc 20- Meso 2 Week 3 Legs (tri-sets!!!) this morning. My oldest Peep came in halfway through and wanted to watch me. She asked very sweetly so, of course, I let her. She sat on my bed, watched me work out, colored pictures of me and then taped them all over the walls.

She draws me a thin person, and I think that's awesome. I hope and strive to be an example of excellent health, humble self-concept, respect and love of your body, balance, and unconditional love. These drawings showed me that the Village of my family that is raising this beautiful tender-hearted young lady are doing lots of things right. I'm grateful to be a member of this Village...and for sisters who welcome me in.

Tomorrow morning we're taking all 5 Peeps to a new and very cool park, and then my sisters and I are taking the boys to lunch and shopping. It's sure to be wild and crazy fun! I wouldn't be anyplace else....