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Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Mohawks

I bet you thought I forgot about posting more pics of my awesome mini-mohawk, didn't you? It's alright, I forgive you. The guitars in the background belong to my brother-in-law. No they aren't for sale, sorry!!

Here's a side view to show just how mini the mini-'hawk really is. It does look kind of pretty and in a bird-ish way on the sides right now. I would never choose this 'do though! Actually, I'm very much looking forward to having longer hair. Thankfully, there are have been more signs of future curliness. But, we're not talking much about that- remember?

Besides this 'do not looking all that great, it also isn't functional during my workouts. The past week or so my hair has gotten to just the right length to drip sweat directly into my ear. Eewwwww! I think my only preventative options are a sweatband or cotton balls in my ears. Neither options make me very happy. Any better suggestions out there?

In case you've been wondering, I continue to be loyal and happy Cathlete. In fact I'm in my last week of a 4 week rotation that a very good friend, and fellow Cathlete, and I sweated and burned through together. I love sharing a rotation with a good buddy!! We're really rocking it! 

My food plan + Cathe rotation has earned me a 3 pound weight loss so far. My clothes are getting looser and I'm noticing some very nice toning. I'm so happy and relieved to see that scale moving downward and the pluses of losing weight adding up!! It's almost like magic to me...but I know that magic is a result of daily hard work and focus. It's so weird that I have my cancer experience to thank for my new and strong commitment to improve my health. I'm thankful for the chance to live a healthier life!