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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The First Zen Method Training begins....

Greetings from sunny Arizona! I'm basking in the glorious energy of these beautiful mountains. And also in the Light from my new friend and now teacher, Angella Hamiliton.  We met, briefly, in Washington D.C. last July at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's conference. She was there to teach the conference attendees a form of Tai Chi that she developed called Zen Method. You can read all about Zen Method by clicking on the tab on the top right hand side of this blog's homepage.

I loved Zen Method and was drawn into, and felt instantly friended by Angella. I knew she was a Soul sister right awa. Some time passed and life got busy. Then she emailed me in September and asked if I would be interested in going through her certification process to teach Zen Method myself.

It's a long time dream come true, I just didn't really know that my dream of teaching fitness and wellness would take this turn. I've been waiting and working on getting my body to what I thought was an acceptable place first. Divine synchronicity sees it differently.

Zen Method Tai Chi is part of a deep healing that I've longed for since my first diagnosis, but didn't know it in a human level. My Spirit knew, though. So I'm going to become a certified teacher of Zen Method Tai Chi and gift the teaching of these mind body healing connection flowing movements to cancer Survivors. And to their caregivers and friends and beyond, but first on my heart and mind are Survivors. I'll be doing that while I'm healing and gaining health and releasing my extra weight.

One of the things I love most about Zen Method is that anyone can do this- truly. Any size, any ability level, sitting down in a hair, or sitting partly up in bed. And I will be demonstrating that as I'll be a teacher of a larger variety at first. I've let got of feelings of unworthiness because of my size, and have choosen to not let that negativity keep me from offering this to Survivors.

So, the timing was right for Angella and I to get started this weekend. Divine synchronicity brought everything together. So I am here in beautiful energizing Phoenix to start my training.

And start we have! After lunch at the delicious Herb Box in Old Town Scottsdale and a relatively quick stop at Lucy's (for a teal shirt for me to wear when the professional photographer meets up with us on Saturday), we got started. First was an introduction to the book part- fascinating and resonating information that is bringing this all together in my mind. (It's catching up to my Spirit.) Then we did Zen Method Tai Chi poolside under a lemon tree. Gentle flowing movements that brought deep healing- already. Amazing.

I'm beyond grateful that Angella chose me, and can't wait to be ready to gather my first 'in training' class soon. 

I will be creating a Facebook fan page soon so you (and hopefully many others!) can follow my journey to becoming a Teacher of Zen Method. I'm still working on a title... and still welcoming any suggestions.