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2 time ovarian cancer Survivor, Advocate for ovarian cancer awareness & research, Teacher of Zen Method Tai Chi, Blogger, sharing the wonderment and power of essential oils, proud fan of Cathe Friedrich's workouts, Reiki practitoner, A Course in Miracles student, paper crafter

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Sweating Until Happy -  Alan has been a fresh source of inspiration for me. His positive attitude and commitment to consistency has given me strength. 
In It For the Parking - My extraordinary friend Rae blogs about a wide range of interesting stuff. She's quite an inspiration to me, too. 

Older Favorites
Diana Dyer- 3 Time Survivor and Registered Dietician
Food Sleuth
365 days of kale
Healthy Tipping Point
Operation Beautiful
Jack Sprat
Passive Aggressive Notes
The Pioneer Woman
God Colors Alive
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Eat, Move, Write
Kind Life of Leah
Fitness Junkie Blog
This Catholic Mom (not what you think!)

I'll be adding and updating this list every few days, so please come back often!