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Friday, July 20, 2012

Eight months ago....

was the last time I wrote on this blog. How did that happen? I can't believe it's been that long... Lots of things have happened in my life since my last post and I just lost track of my blog. Truth is that I needed to step away from such a personal relationship with cancer for awhile. I needed to figure out how to be a positive Voice without reliving the hardships of cancer. I've got 20 months of lovely Remission built up and I'm ready to move forward in a fresh way.

I'm very happy to have found 2 new ways to use my Voice, in addition to this blog, to advocate for ovarian cancer Survivors. I was awarded a scholarship to attend the Ovarian Cancer Alliance Conference in Washington, D.C. last weekend. This year's theme was Poised for Progress, and indeed I am! Going to this conference opened a new world to me- a world of passionate and smart advocacy and beautifully strong Teal Sisterhood.

I'll be sharing pictures, stories and the highlights of what I learned at this amazing Conference in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, feel free to explore on your own- http://www.ovariancancer.org/2012/07/19/ovarian-cancer-national-alliance-hosts-15th-annual-conference-poised-for-progress/

This blog lives again!
And will be getting a face lift very soon... do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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