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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A 7th Birthday & 6 Miles

I'm bringing the BLOG back out, because some things are blog-worthy and too lengthy for my Facebook Page. I'm grateful for all the new friends aka Likers on my Page, most recently some incredible and inspiring runners. 

Today is a very special day, and so it tomorrow. But let's stick to the now. 

Seven years ago today my oldest niece Zoey was born, and she has brought beauty, joy, comfort and laughter to our family. Through her I've gotten to know a tiny bit of motherhood. She's the reason I could easily and quickly decide to have a hysterectomy after my first cancer diagnosis (endometrial) in early 2008. She and my other nieces and nephews fill up my heart and helps me to see the beauty and wonder in life. I'm so grateful for her- and all of my Peeps- and for my sisters who allow this Auntie Mommy to hold this honorable title. 

This is me with newborn baby Zoey- 2006.

This is her a couple days ago with her sister and brother playing Tea Party. 

Seven years old. It blows my mind. 
Happy Birthday, my SweetPea!! 
I love to pieces, and am so proud of the lovely young lady you are blooming into. 
It's truly my honor and joy to be a part of your world.
 She always says 'this is my world, Aunt Connie.
 And indeed it is.
 I hope that belief, that deep knowing without question, stays with her forever. 
Create your own beautiful world, Z, using your own colors and style! 

I took a couple of weeks off from my Jeff Galloway 10K Training, but made a come back this week. I had stalled in the middle of Week 8. Six miles seemed really hard and there was always a decent reason I couldn't get it done. Then I went on vacation in the mountains of New England. And came home sick. I put it off, but this week I knew the time had come to face those 6 miles. 

I owe this push in motivation and inspiration to all the runners pages I've recently found on Facebook and a couple of (tenaciously awesome) running friends. I prepared all week- hydrating, eating veggies and protein, not drinking alcohol, getting good sleep. 

I got up early, took my thyroid med, went back to sleep for a few minutes then drug myself out of bed- with the help of a text from one of those tenaciously awesome friends- and ate breakfast. I probably need to eat more and give myself more time to digest in the future, I'm learning as I go. I had 2 slices of thin raisin toast with butter and low sodium sausage patty and a big glass of water. I remembered sunscreen and my hat. I put on my purple Road ID in case I melted into the sidewalk. Grabbed a bag of gummies and filled up my water bottle. I was determined, excited and ready to get it done. 

It was 76 and 87% humidity at 8:15 am in Memphis. But there was a decent cool breeze, and thunderstorms coming in later today (unfortunately for Z's pool party). Beat the rain, that's what I told myself when I started. 

I used to drive to a nearby park with a 8/10 mile loop. When I first started running last August I could barely make it around once. Today I ran 2.5 miles TO the park, then around the loop once and back home. 

Amazing! Astounding! Mind blowing! 

This body that has been through abuse as a child, several major pelvic/abdominal surgeries and carries the extra weight of those pains on the outside CAN RUN 6 MILES. I'm learning that despite the extra weight on my body, running- and succeeding in any goals- is much more about what I THINK in my mind. 

I told myself all week that I'll be running 6 miles today. I can do THIS. I'm a runner! I gained strength from other runners, thanks to Facebook. I believed I could do it. And then I did it. 

The first 2.5  miles were really good. I ate my gummies and took a couple extra minutes to walk about mile 3. That boosted me up until about mile 5. I could feel a big blister forming on my inner bottom right heel. My thighs were cramping a little. I was starting to get chills off and on, just for a few seconds. I commended myself for what I was doing, then showed my body love and respect by walking for about 3/4 of a mile. Then I ran 30 seconds and walked 90 seconds for the rest of the way- until the very end. Somewhere in there my interval timer died. It was really handy that my Coach taught me to count every other step, so I could still keep loose track of time. 

When RunKeeper said 1 hour 45 minutes at 5.85 miles I started running and didn't stop until it said 6 miles. I was soaking wet, sore in more ways than one and ELATED that I finished in 1:47!! I had figured it would take me 2 hours and I was perfectly okay with that since it's my first time and I haven't been running consistently for a couple weeks. 

 For the first time, and I'm doing it again next week. 

I'm so grateful to be able to run, to be an Aunt, for the breath in my lungs, and the Love that I live in. 

Tomorrow is a Cancer anniversary for me.... but that's tomorrow. Today I celebrate 'my' 7 year old's birthday and pray it doesn't get stormed out. 

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