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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrating with Cashmere

It's still sinking into my brain and my soul~ remission. What a humongous relief!! It doesn't feel real to me quite yet. I am overwhelmed by all the joyful responses I've gotten from my friends and family on Facebook last night and today. I am over-filled with thankfulness for every prayer, every positive vibe, every strong shoulder, every Reiki treatment, every hug, every card and email, every gift, every friend that helped to hold me up and encourage me along this 14 month cancer treatment journey. A very special thank you to my mom, Sharon. Thank you Mom for your strength and love that reached all way to south Florida at the beginning of this scary cancer journey and that brought me home for the completion with it's sickness turned to joy. Also, thank you, Mom, for all of your many layers of support, kindness, faith, and care-giving. You're a God-sent Angel, I have no doubt!

This is my Mom, my Angel, and I last Christmas. I love you Mom!

It took a few hours to get to hear the word 'remission' from my Gyn Oncologist. I started with a blood draw, which happens every time to go The West Clinic. Then we moved to a waiting area and I answer questions about how I've felt the past week using an e-Tablet (which is pretty cool because it saves paper and is more efficient for the clinic!). A few minutes later a Tech comes out and gives me a bottle of water and kindly tells me to drink it and they'll be ready to scan me in about 20 minutes. I was a little confused about the water, because when I've had CT scans in the past I have to drink 3 big bottles of this chalky barium. I'm thankful for the water, though, and drink it up. Another Tech comes out 20 minutes later to bring me to the scanner, and I cautiously tell her that I haven't had any barium drink yet. She tells me that the medicine they need for the scan was in the water, it's a new and much easier way. Whoohoooo!! The CT scan went smoothly and as usual I kept my eyes closes and allowed my brain to bring me to a happy place. The Techs came back in and that was it. The easiest and friendliest CT scan ever!! 

Then it was upstairs to my Gyn Oncologist's waiting area. We waited for a couple hours, but somehow Mom and I stayed fairly relaxed about it. Mom has a Droid with lots of fun Apps so that entertained us while we waited. Finally, at almost 5 o'clock, it's my turn. The nurse is very friendly and answers my questions. A few minutes later my oncologist comes in. We talk for a couple minutes and then it's exam time. Ouchie!!! Thankfully it was over quickly. I asked the rest of my questions, and am happy with the answers. My oncologist turns and does some stuff on the computer that's in the exam room. Then she says, your scan is Good, no signs of cancer anywhere. Mom and I both tear up with relief and joy. The onc finishes up, gives me a high 5 and leaves the room. Mom and I share a big hug and a few tears. And just like that this long 14 month cancer treatment journey comes to an end. It blows my mind! 

We celebrated by going out to dinner at Colton's Steakhouse. It was deeeelish! Then we got down to the serious celebrating and went to one of our favorite stores, Kohl's!! I've been eying their cashmere sweaters for a couple years. So when I came across a beautiful teal cashmere sweater that just happened to be 55% off I just HAD to try it on. It fit very nice and looked quite good, if I do say so myself. As I took it off I commented to Mom that it was fun to just try it on. And she said that she would buy it for me in celebration of my remission!! My Mom is totally awesome!! (My youngest niece, who is 2 and half has a shirt that says the exact same thing!). What a fabulous way to celebrate!! 

Here I am wearing my celebration cashmere!! Look how much my hair has grown! And I even have some eyebrows again!! Thank you, God, for remission and for all of the thousands of other blessing in my life. 


  1. CONNIE!!!

    Everytime I read this news, my eyes well up with tears of happiness! I'm so very happy and relieved for/with you! YOU DID IT!! You survived those icky treatments!! And I also believe your mom is an angel. I know her heart must have been hurting for you in the biggest way, and she was able to give you the biggest support and be there right with you through it all. She truly is an angel! Love the picture of you and her, and LOVE the picture of YOU even more!!! You are looking GREAT!!! HAIR! YAY!! I'm just so dang excited for you and your family. Give yourself AND your mom a GIANT hug from me , k?

  2. This is a beautiful story Connie. I felt like I was right there with you! I can't begin to imagine what that must feel like!! Almost like rebirth... literally like you've been handed a second, or third, shot at life. I am so happy for you! Soooo so happy for you! You look beautiful and that sweater is perfect!

  3. (((((Chris)))) Thank you, dear friend! I gave my Mom that hug. ;)

  4. Many thanks, MayTheForceBeWithYou! It is like a re-birth in some ways, I like thinking of it that way. :)

  5. Connie, That is wonderful news I remember my first time in remission it was awesome I also remember my 2nd remission which was in May of this year. Those are such happy times and they will continue to be happy times for you and your family. I think that you would be a good person to join me on my website www.livingandlovingyourlife.com, it's free to join and you would make a great member. I am so PROUD of you and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome........

  6. Hi Terry, thank you so much!! Congrats on both of your remissions, Survivor Sister!! That's awesome, I love hearing about other people's 'good reports'! I'll be checking out that site very soon... Be well, C

  7. Wow Connie, that is truly awesome news I am so happy for you. I remember after my last treatment when the Dr. said I did not have to come back for 6 months I was so overcome I danced all the way to my van.
    Congratulations on the great report, you are still in my prayers and I look forward to seeing you again at Donna's.
    BTW, love the sweater and your hair is really cute.
    Love ya,