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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thankful Thoughts

I've officially lost 5 pounds, despite taking a 10 day exercise and food journal hiatus. YAY!! It feels like a miracle because I haven't seen the written expression of the weight loss work. Mostly because I haven't worked all that hard. Intuitively I feel that it's time to get back to food journaling- tomorrow. Yes, definitely tomorrow. I got back onto the Cathe Friedrich train this afternoon with a killer upper body pyramid workout. My weight loss grace period (aka miracle) is about to run out, I can just feel it.

Thanks to chemo, my appetite is much smaller than it used to be and I'm sure that has played a major role in my semi-miracle weight loss. I'm thankful for this catalyst of cancer treatment even though it still feels foreign to me. It doesn't feel like me, but I'm appreciating this new characteristic more and more.

I'm going to open the door to the world of Tweeting this week. I'm still not really sure what is so interesting about Twitter, but I want to try to figure it out. I'm hoping that Tweeting my blog will help attract new readers.

I had to clean the hair out of the shower drain yesterday. Gross, but fun if you haven't had to do it in over 6 months. My hair is really growing back fast. It doesn't really do the mini-mohawk anymore. Side note: someone much cooler and younger than me informed that it's not a mini-mohawk it's a faux hawk. I prefer mini mohawk which tells you something about how cool and young I am.

I have enough hair now to justify using a hair towel again. I decided 2 days ago. I love my hair towel, but I have no idea why.

I had the great pleasure of spending time with special old friends and special new friends last weekend. I am loving my new life and career! I am thankful to have so many people cheering for me. I feel beyond blessed and loved. I pray that more people in the world feel this way. I do my best to express my love and appreciation for the people in my life. I know I can always do a little better, or a little more though.

I have my 6 month post-chemo check up in 2 weeks. It was supposed to be last week, but the roads were too icy to travel on especially after my trip to Texas. I'm not really nervous about it, it's more of an annoying reminder that I'm not allowed to put cancer completely behind me. Ever. The up-side is that it's motivation to eat, move and live to protect myself from another recurrence. I'm choosing to welcome this motivation as a positive and powerful force. It's a daily choice, and honestly it's not always an easy choice. I choose life and love!!

At this very moment, what are you thankful for? Post a comment, and let me know!

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