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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Long time, no post. I know. I kept meaning to write and even took some food pics, but for this reason and that reason I didn't make time for posting. For some totally illogical reason and on some deep semi-subconscious level I reached the foolish conclusion that since I had lost 10 pounds I could ease off a bit. Duh. Guess what happened? I didn't seriously plan out meals or restock my veggies. I haven't kept a food journal in over a week. While I was in east Tennessee on business last weekend I allowed myself to eat junky foods even though it didn't feed me in any positive or pleasing way. It was just what I had always done when I travel. The number on the scale reflected all these less than good decisions. Most of it is probably water weight from all the salty foods, but still it was a real bummer to see the natural consequence number. 

I can learn from this downward slope, though. There are issues in my life that I could easily use an excuse to eat emotionally right now. Here's a big thing I've learned over the years- there will always be an excuse of some validity to not follow through with my health goals. Or any goal, really. There's always a semi-reasonable reason to not eat my veggies, keep up with my food journal, or drink enough water. I know I'm entering the danger zone when those reasons seems really reasonable. 

I need an intervention. And God provided, as always. Is it time for an intervention? blog by Strong is the New Skinny's (aka SINS) Adam was on my Facebook wall this morning. It was the right message at the exact right time. 

Now is a good time to remember my goals and why I made them. Let's review:
Lose 10 pounds by April 23. I've already lost 3 of those pounds. Losing weight is a goal because it lowers my risk of cancer recurrence, type 2 diabetes (and lots of other diseases), reduces the pressure on my joints (especially my chemo-ed out knees), and makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Increase my lean muscle. This will increase my bone density, raise my metabolism (not very much, but every little bit counts!), and give me the curvy strong shape I want for my body. I'm going to use a new method to help me reach this goal, but that's a coming-soon post. 

Increase my daily vegetable intake. The more anti-cancer foods aka plant foods aka vegetables the healthier I am on the inside and that will reflect on my outside. It's also, obviously, a big part of raging the war against a third cancer recurrence. This goal requires daily planning!! I don't accidentally or incidentally eat 6 servings of veggies a day. I need a daily plan to reach this goal. It's definitely one worth reaching to me, so therefore it's worth the little time it takes to plan and prep.

Stay within my calorie range of 1550- 1800 per day, and my carb range of 164- 195 grams per day.This goal is really a sub-goal for losing weight. I honestly don't think I've been THAT far off from this one the past week or so, but the problem is that I just don't know. I've got to know which means I have to take the time to track. 

Time to get back on track for success! My life is good, fulfilling and exciting in so many ways. Reaching these goals will make it even better! 


  1. "Here's a big thing I've learned over the years-there will always be an excuse of some validity to not follow through with my health goals." Thanks for this thought Connie, it reminds me of how many excuses I have up my sleeve...I love this blog, very motivational! ~Abba~

  2. You're welcome, Abba! And thanks for the blog love!