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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm going on vacation, finally!! I haven't had a real honest to goodness vacation in years. When I lived in Florida my vacations were spent coming home to Tennessee to see my family. Which was great, but it's not the same as a true vacation. I'm going Vegas, baby!! I've never been there before, but my grandparents enjoyed vacationing there through the years. It will be neat to see the places that they went, though I'm sure much of it has changed since their last visit.

I'm leaving Sunday morning (early!!) and thankfully have a direct flight. I'm all checked in, packed, and I have a workout plan. All I needed was a vacation eating strategy. That's the toughest part of vacationing for me- food! Can you relate? I'll be honest, I don't expect to lose any weight. However, I do not want to gain any either. I'm going for a balance of enjoying some food indulgences, tourist paced walking, and working out.

One of the gifts my mom gave me during my cancer treatment was an iPod. One of the reasons I wanted an iPod is so that I could take some of my Cathe Friedrich workouts with me wherever I go. All of Cathe's workouts are available as downloads, it's totally awesome!

Cathe, in her infinite wisdom, designed a low impact circuit workout using a stretch band for Cathletes who travel. That's me!! The workout is called Travel Fit and it's on my pretty purple iPod right now. I'll have access to the fitness room at the hotel (it cost extra, can you believe it?!) so I put Kathy Smith's Steady Strides walking workouts on my iPod too. I briefly toyed with the idea of checking out Cardio Coach, but didn't want to start trouble with my bank account. One day, Coach Sean, one day... Oh, and yes I do feel a little silly planning a treadmill workout while I'm on a walking intensive vacation.

I was pondering how I wanted to design my vacation eating strategy while I was catching up on emails. I was in the right place and the right time, because there in my inbox was the exact link I needed. The email was from Sandra Ahten of The Reasonable Diet. One of my BFFs discovered Sandra and her wonderfully smart, and yes, reasonable weight loss plan at the beginning of the year. I was intrigued, but never got around to reading all about it and seriously applying to my life. Until NOW. In that beautiful email was this link and the answer to my vacation eating strategy. Go ahead, click on it!! It's awesome isn't it? I can put at least 8 of these tips to work while I vacation.

Sandra, you rock! Thank you!

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