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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegas Vacay Day 3, Part 1

Yeah, yeah, I know the whole Part 1 thing isn't fair. It's late and I need to be awake and functional early so this will have to be a Part 1.

Day 3 was the peak of my vacation. I slept a bit late, and then walked to the other end of the Strip to meet a Facebook friend and fellow Cathlete. It took me a whole hour, and I was walking briskly. Got my cardio in for the morning for sure!! I was kind of sweaty by the time I got to our meeting place, but the brisk walk in the crisp air felt wonderful. The weather was a little chilly the whole time I was there, which was a little disappointing but worked out just fine.

This was the first time I've ever met another Cathlete and I was a bit nervous. Turned out just fine, though! We hit it off and had a great time together at Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium and Fleur restaurant.

We started at Fleur, famed Hubert Keller's restaurant. It's a tapas menu, and it's heavenly. We shared hummus and baba ganoush with grilled pita and angus sliders. It was THE best burger- slider or not- I have ever enjoyed. Cooked perfectly and the onions were magic in my mouth.

Then we hunted out the Shark Reef Aquarium. I love aquariums, have you noticed? This aquarium is special because it's North America's only predator based aquarium. They had aquatic animals I've never seen in person before so that was nifty for me.

We were welcomed by this crocodile. 

Soo graceful and beautiful!

Look at me, I'm flying!!

He was really standing just like this picture- upside down! Amazing!

This fish was HUMENGOUS!!

There was a really cool tunnel!

We sat and rested on the benches inside the tunnel for a few minutes. We were in awe. 

Nifty jelly fish. I love the mystery and beauty of jellyfish. 

The highlight of the shark aquarium for me!

That wraps up Part 1. You'll definitely want to be here for Part 2. It's about a super nifty, once in a lifetime experience for me. 

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