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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vegas Vacay, Day 1

Hellllooo from 10,000 feet above almost-to Las Vegas!

Look at these amazingly beautiful mountains!!!

Yay, we made it!! Look at those pretty palm trees! I *heart* palms! 

Vegas is crazy busy and full of people and noise!! It's overwhelming, in a mostly fun way, as soon as you get off the plane. Mom and I picked up our luggage and caught a bus to The Mirage. It was about Noon on a Sunday and the traffic was insane! I've never seen soooo many lanes! Everything is Vegas is grandiose. The Mirage is no different. There's a grandiose aquarium at their check in desk. I stood and stared in awe for several minutes. The room itself was wonderful! Sleek, elegant, comfy- but don't pick up or put down anything in the fridge because it will charge you! The mini-fridge in the room is weight sensitive. Mom and I laughed about it a lot! It was a shame that we couldn't buy a few bottles of water at grocery store and keep them in our room. Vegas is all about the money!

We started walking towards the M&M store, but we took the 'long' way through Caesars Palace's The Forum 'mall'. Mom wanted to show me the living statues. 

What a fun way to kick off our Vegas vacation! Amazing free show in the middle of The Forum shops!

The M&M store is totally awesome! There are 4, count 'em, 4!! floors. We found some really cute stuff, but it's top secret until next weekend when my Texas Peeps are home for a visit. No, I don't know who the little boy is in the picture. There were so many people, that I couldn't get a shot of just Red. I tried, believe me.

Next door to M&M is the Coca-Cola store. We found a couple cute things that we just had to bring home, again top secret. We decided to try soda from all over the world. 

Don't freak out- we shared it BUT we didn't drink even half of it. Some of them tasted really gross. 

This was one of the gross ones. 

See? We didn't drink that much of the samples. 

On our walk back we witness the theater of the living. We saw a golden Elvis. A man painted himself gold then dressed up like Elvis!! Crazy!! (That's Mom standing next to him on the left.) There was a young lady screaming and pushing a guy on the walkway. Scary! There was a young man passed out on a another walkway. So sad! Men and women tried to give us business card sized inappropriate pictures of women. Scary, sad, and sickening!

My view from the street on the very long walk back to the hotel. Here are some more~

The water show at the Bellagio. Very cool! 

Yes, Vegas is lit up like a crazy Christmas tree. Fun and amusing in small doses, for me anyway. 

I took this one from the walk-over bridge. 

Hail, Caesar!

Day 2 coming up tomorrow.... 

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