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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vegas Vacation- Day 3 Part 3

I got back to The Mirage after the Cirque de Soleil Criss Angel show pretty late, but I was keyed up. I rode on the elevator with a kind Hawaiian lady who was wearing this real orchid lei. I commented on how beautiful it was and she took it off and put it on me and said 'Aloha'. It was really nifty! It smelled absolutely divine and brought back very fond memories of my Nana who loved orchids. 

I played a few penny slots, and drank a few 'free' drinks. A guy about my age sat at the machine next to mine for awhile. He struck up a conversation and we had a good time flirting. I haven't been flirted with for a very long time. It's good for a Survivor's ego to flirt with interesting, cute, and funny guys. Too bad he doesn't live near Memphis. It's probably for the best. While we were talking I won $22! I had a hot machine, it was lots of Vegasy fun!! When the flirting came to a natural end I wished him a good night and set off to find fire. 

Actually, I took these pictures of The Mirage's nightly volcano eruption the second night of my vacation. I only watched the eruption on the third night. 

The eruption is very cool free show with a nice blast of actual heat. It was in the 40s both nights I watched and so I appreciated the shot of warmth. 

The eruption is done to music. It's a very nifty show to catch if you ever find yourself in Vegas.

The Venetian is in the background, in case you were wondering. 

The Mirage really does put off the tropical island in the middle of a desert vibe. The volcano fits the theme quite well. 

I shared my blog post about Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak on his Twitter page, and I also emailed a link to the restaurant to express my gratitude and giddiness. I didn't really expect any reply, but I hoped for one. Tonight,  just after my sister and her family left to go back to their Texan home (wipes tear), there was an email from Craftsteak's general manager in my spam folder!! Yay and WHEEEEEE!! SO very glad I checked that folder tonight! Very niftyand exciting!! She and Chef Matt Seeber are going to be sending me something to remember the highlight meal of my life. WOW!! I feel like camping out by the mailbox, but I won't because that would just be weird. I can't wait to share my memory-keeper with you, my dear readers. Ohhh the suspense!!!

Tomorrow's Post = Vegas Vacation, The End. It is time to move onto real life. I have exciting and (hopefully) interesting food and exercise news to share with you this week. 

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