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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vegas Vacation- The End

By the last full day of my Vegas vacation I was pretty worn out. The smoke from the casinos gave me a headache from Day 1 even though the hotel room was non-smoking. It was physically the worst part of Vegas for me. I've been sensitive to second hand smoke since I quit 14 years ago. Since chemo I'm even more sensitive.

I slept late and then started organizing my stuff into my suitcase. That reminds me, the secret of what I got as Vegas souvenirs is out of the bag. My treasures were found at Basin White at the Grand Canal shops in The Venetian. I was drawn in by the wonderful and relaxing smells. I left there with freshly ex-foliated and moisturized hands and lips. I'm now a GIANT fan of these spa quality products that don't have chemicals, parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. I'm a happy owner of a fresh cut Lilac soapshea salt scrub (which is absolutely amazing!!), relaxation bath bomblime sugar lip scrub (it tastes like a margarita, whohoo), Dr. Spot laundry stain remover, and Satsuma spa wax (it has a wick so you can put hot wax onto your skin! So nifty!) My bathroom smells awesome. One of my new goals in life is to try every one of their products. Thanks, Basin White!

**Just a reminder that I am not receiving any, I repeat ANY, compensation for product reviews. My opinions are only my opinions.**

Going to Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage, where I had the great pleasure of staying, was on the top of my list. If I would have know how incredible it was I would have gone much earlier in the day so I could have stayed in the presence of the magnificent dolphins and tigers for a couple more hours.

There are 3 pools for the dolphins. It's a serene tropical setting. You can walk right up to the edge of the pools, too!

The above and below pictures are of babies. Aren't they the cutest things ever?

Then the tropical trail takes you into another world- the world of tigers. 

Believe it or not, this is a baby white tiger. That's one HUGE baby!! Very cute, too!

Baby white tiger dropped the box he was playing with and had to make a dive for it. 

This is an adult tiger looking tall and strong. And a bit intimidating. 

I wasn't zooming in to get the pictures above and below- I was really that close. It was intense in a cool way.

I'm not really sure why they had statues of lions, but they were really well done!

I was hoping I would find a cool souvenir-y shirt to bring home, but they didn't have many adult choices. Lots of very cute kids choices, but we already bought cute shirts with matching cups at M&M World.

I enjoyed being so close to the dolphins for so long that Mom and I had to hustle to pick up our tickets for the evening Cirque du Soleil Mystere show. We ended our once in a lifetime vacation on a very high and amazing note! If you EVER go to Las Vegas, you absolutely must see this show. It's beyond entertaining! I can't pick a favorite Act- they were each unique and awesome in a different way. The acrobatics, strength and grace of the characters is inspiring, thrilling and amazing to the 10th degree. Truly the best show I've ever seen in my life. Many thanks to my Facebook friends who recommended it so highly! 

The next day we flew home on a thankfully nonstop flight. Amazing, wonderful, exhausting, entertaining vacation of a lifetime!! The icing on the vacation cake was losing 1.5 pounds. Thank you, Sandra Ahten, for your 9 Tips to a Friendly Vacation e-book! It was wonderful to have a vacation eating strategy that didn't bring any deprivation. 

Most of all, thank you to my Mom. It was an honor and pleasure to vacation with you. Thank you for making it so special in celebration of my Remission. 

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