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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Weekend/Not So Good Weekend

Not So Good~ Friday night's cheat meal of take out pizza after a long day and little sleep Thursday night turned into a cheat meal weekend. This is the problem, for me, with cheat meals. It starts an unclean cycle. I don't even like pizza very much! Yes, I know it's weird not to just love pizza.

Another Not So Good~ Saturday morning I was up early to help my sister with a yard sale. Crazy early- 6:30. Well, it's crazy early to me on a Saturday (or any day, really). I'm not a big fan of coffee (yes, again, I know that's weird), but I filled up a cup pretty quick. Now I could have easily fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, but my mom was bringing donuts so I decided to wait to eat. I, foolishly, let myself think that I deserved to eat a donut for breakfast since I was up so early and it was so chilly outside. A donut is not a reward! It's a junky processed food, remember? The donut didn't even taste very good. *sigh*

Really Good~ The town my sister lives in was having their city wide yard sale, and I had an agenda. I needed a barbel set. Yes, needed is the correct word. Monday (today) was the start of Cathe Friedrich's STS Meso Cycle 2- Hypertrophy.  I'm lifting 70% of my 1 rep maximum for this meso cycle and the weight load is surprisingly heavy to me. So, yes, I really needed a barbel. Brand new shiny barbels are expensive, though so I took this city wide yard sale opportunity to hunt down a used one. I hit the jackpot in the first 20 minutes. I was meant to have this barbel, I tell ya!!

I got an Olympic Curved weight bar, 4 8.8 pound plates, 2 25 pound plates, and 2 4.4 pound plates. That's 94 pounds of weight!! I scored all of this for $7. Yes, only 7 bucks!! I was so excited about it that I rushed off so quickly to share with my sister that I didn't realize that the nice man I bought them from didn't actually load them INTO the car, he had just carried them down the hill and placed them NEXT to the car. Opps!! Silly, excited me! Of course, I went back to get them and I shared an embarrassed laugh with the guy. 

More Good~ Thanks to this awesome yard sale score I had to rearrange my bedroom a bit. I just love rearranging furniture! It gives the room such freshness and a renewed energy. I absolutely love the improved arrangement and all my weights now have their own special spot. 

My heaviest dumbbells get tucked under the desk that's acting as a TV stand and storage center for little stuff, because they don't fit on my dumbbell rack.

The rack (ranging from 15s to 3s) stays in the corner, and is joined by my High Step, thumb weights and my band. The Yoga blocks keep the closet door from banging into the metal weighs. Those little green dumbbells are 2 pounders, and are too small to fit onto the rack. Aren't they cute?

The stability ball now lives in the closet. Closet re-arranging is another day, though.

All I need now is a Altus Turbo Tower so I can pick up, lift and put down heavy weight. I'm saving my pennies........

More Not So Good~ Though I had a fairly clean late lunch of homemade veggie soup and curried chicken with apple wrap I was ravenous by the time my family and I left Mass Saturday afternoon. My mom decided on Steak and Shake since we could sit down with my baby nephew and toddler niece, but it wasn't expensive. I just can't order a salad at a burger place. I love burgers and fries, though I eat them MUCH less than I did a year ago. I ordered 3 sliders. I ate 1 as it came and the other two I combined to save the bread carbs. I made up for that bun with my niece's fries. At least we didn't order a milkshake to share as we've done in the past. Then we went to our favorite local cupcake store- Cupcake Cutie- so my niece could design her own birthday cupcake. I ate a freebie on the way home. It was divine. On Sunday my niece turn 3 and the birthday girl requested homemade waffles and bacon for breakfast with maple syrup. So, ummm yeah, it was really good. Lunch was a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips with a bottle of water inbetween parks. Dinner was okay, actually ate some veggies and lean protein. Dessert was another cupcake and coffee. I've got to improve my ability to eat clean, or at least clean-er, during these weekends! 

Really Good~ The day my niece, Kallie, was born 3 years ago I was living in Naples, Florida. I can vividly remember sitting on the floor in Big Lots and crying while talking to my sister, the new mommy, minutes after she delivered a healthy baby girl. I felt so awful not being there to share that precious day. This year is the first time I'm home for her birthday and I'm thankful that we could spend the whole day together. After waffles, my sister, Kallie and I went to 2 of the coolest parks in Memphis. She wasn't impressed with all the cool new stuff, though, she was quite content to swing on her tummy and go down the 'easy' slides. I did some swinging myself. I comfortably fit into a regular swing now, that was pretty cool. Swinging really is fun. Wheeeeeeee! After a little coaxing and encouraging Kallie climbed the 'big kids' rock wall. I was so thankful to be there with her to share that proud moment! Then we met a friend and her kids at Shelby Farms new Woodland Discovery Playground. It's the best playground I've ever been to or even heard about! Totally awesome, and the kids- of course- loved it!

Final really Good~ I lost 2 pounds last week. Yay!! Somehow these 2 pounds were the magical ones that made it comfortable to wear a pair of pants I haven't fit into since before radiation treatment. I wore those pants all day Sunday and just having them on helped remind me of how far I've come in the right directions. I also fit into a couple shirts that I haven't even tried on in over a year. So, unclean toddler birthday niece's weekend happen sometimes. I'm thankful to be here to share it with my family. Next weekend I'll make cleaner choices and have a plan. Clean weekends don't happen by accident!

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