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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Wings

This is the front of the angel wings shirt. It's the first shirt of the BancorpSouth Team's fundraiser for the 2011 Fayette County Relay for Life in Tennessee . My sister, Heidi, is on the executive committee again this year. Thank you, Heidi! The ribbons on this shirt are pink in honor of breast cancer Survivors and Fighters. The ribbon on the next shirt will be 'Relay for Life purple' to honor all cancer Survivors and Fighters. 

In the picture I'm at a Halloween party for kids at my church last weekend. My Mom, sisters and I took my 3 toddler nieces who dressed up as Princesses or Fairies, depending on which one of them you asked. Adorable and precious are the best words I have to describe them. We shared lots of (bitter)sweet moments!

This is the back of the shirt. Awesome, right!? If you're interested in buying a shirt to support BancorpSouth's Team in the Fayette County 2011 Relay for Life send me an email, greeneyedlefty74ATgmail.com. The short sleeve shirt is $10, the long sleeve is $15 plus whatever it costs to ship it to you. 

Here's a silly picture of me carving a pumpkin in the angel wings shirt wear my princess crown. My oldest niece was sharing her costume with me, isn't that sweet? My sister, Heidi, is in the background showing the back of the shirt. There is no writing on this shirt at all, see? 

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