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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still SINS, New STS

I know, I know~ I haven't blogged about SINS for weeks. I promise that I haven't forgotten about the challenges I gave myself and shared with the SINS community. I was doing so well that I even upped my weight loss challenge. I admit that I lost a bit of spark and focus on these challenges. Overall, I am eating and living healthier than ever though. I'm proud of my improvements and positive changes. And I now fit into a smaller size as a bonus. Yay!!


  1. Goal was to lose 12 pounds. I've lost 8.8 so far. Whoohooo!! I've got 13 days left. I'm confident and determined to lose at least 2 more pounds by April 23rd. 
  2. Goal was to gain lean muscle. I have definitely accomplished this one! I've increased my weight load on nearly every exercise. Totally nifty!
  3. Goal was to stay within the calorie range of 1550- 1800 and carb range of 164g- 195g. I've done well, but I know I can be more consistent. I'm recommitting as of now! 
I'm starting a new self-challenge that's in the same vein of SINS. Cathe Friedrich's Shock Training System (STS) starts Monday!! I am uber excited! When this amazing series came out in 2009 I couldn't afford it and wasn't physically ready for it. Then came cancer treatment #2, and my hopes for doing STS dropped. I pretty much decided to stop trying to find the means to do it. Then came Cathe's Cathlete Appreciation sale a couple weeks ago. I felt like I won the coupon lottery! I sold a few of Cathe DVDs that I don't use due to impact to help cover the cost, and that was a big success. Cathletes are THE best!!

I believe that STS is going to propel me into my lifetime highest level of fitness. It's going to strengthen more than my muscles. My bones, focus, and belief in myself will all grow stronger. I'm thankful for the opportunity and the challenge.


  1. I am so proud for you, Connie! You are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Deep thanks, dear sister. I want to set a good example for 'our' Peeps, and watch them grow up with you.