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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm still riding on from last Tuesday's awesomeness. I couldn't actually put together or otherwise play with my new Cathe Turbo Tower until Friday. Thankfully it was very easy to assemble! I had to rearrange the furniture in gym/bedroom to make everything flow together well, but I'm thrilled with new set up. Wanna see?

This is what I see what I walk into my room. Awesome!!

The drawer is open to show the paper plate I'm using in Cathe's STS series for Leg work, but it's hard to tell. 

Love it!! Many thanks, dear Marine, for the thoughtful and useful gifts. Stay safe, wherever you may be.

This Memorial Day I'll be remembering and honoring my Bapa who served in the Navy during WWII, my Great Uncle Harvey who was wounded in WWII, 'my' Marine and his military brothers many who have served since Persian Gulf War, my mentor and dear friend Curt who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and later in the Navy, his son Byron who is currently serving in the Army, and any man or woman who has proudly served with honor and duty. Thank you for putting your life on the line for freedom and justice. I wish all the member of the military and their families wisdom, courage, Divine protection and a safe return to United States soil. 

Our Gift to the Fallen
A Short Poem by Charlie Gragg
Penryn, California

For each soldier that has fallen so that many may stand
We honor their spirit as they pass to God's hand
For without their sacrifice we would live forever in fear
We pray for their loved ones and provide a salute and a tear
God help us heal the wounds of hate and the misery of war
That is our gift to our fallen heroes that are amongst us no more.

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